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We are a Belgian-based hi-tech R&D and manufacturing company specialized in infection control technologies.
Surgical instruments and flexible endoscopes need a professional focus to avoid cross-contamination; that is UltraZonic’s core-business.
Our team has gained vast experience in the medical sector over the past ten years. We constantly focus on research & development in the technical and medical field to ensure innovative solutions.
UltraZonic originated out of Nancy’s passion for clean solutions. With a background as an OR nurse and infection control specialist, she takes an interdisciplinary approach to projects, integrating both solutions and commercial aspects. ​ Nancy Steenbakkers in a few words: Team leader and team builder Open-minded and optimistic Flexible and goal-oriented Creative in heart and soul ​ Feel free to contact Nancy by e-mail at ns@ultrazonic.com or give her a call on +32 495 45 00 60
Our research & development department is spearheaded by a knowledgeable team with a collective experience of over 35 years. We prioritize innovative techniques and maintaining a pioneering role. After sales services and technical support are extremely important in our business. Our team ensures this is taken care of with dedication. Our team in brief: Client & solution oriented Innovative and smart Dynamic and flexible Excellent problem-solving skills Feel free to contact R&D and support by e-mail at info@ultrazonic.com or give a call on +32 3 289 59 79